Unveiled Conversations in the Shadows

The Purple Void
May 31, 2023
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Enya's body slowly descended, inch by inch, until she found herself seated on the cold ground, her back pressed against the unforgiving cool white wall. The feeble lighting casting a distorted silhouette of her body onto the adjacent wall. "I don't like what you're doing,"Enya uttered, her words hanging heavy in the stale air. "This has been on going far too long, and I've grown tired it." In a voice burdened with weariness, she spoke her truth “you have to stop complaining about Hego”.

The weight of her declaration was met with an unsettling silence, an absence of response that seemed to stretching into the depths of time. Ok, she thought. Determined to be heard, her voice un wavering in its resolve. She blotted out, "Just the other day, you said Hego was treating me poorly. You urged me to sever our friendship because she was taking me as a fool. Yes Hego, she has her faults but she has is a nice person. I cannot understand why you persistently lament her existence." Still, no answers to Enya's words. Unfazed, she pressed onward, “you are not always kind either. Remember when you snapped at Peo in the Irish pub. That was so uncalled for, and it was only because you were stressed about your exams”.

Again, no reply. "Why won't you speak? Enya questioned, her voice propelled a mix of frustration and curiosity. Rising from her position, she approached the edge of the wall, her eyes drawn to a shadowed corner where darkness seemed to pool. An intangible flutter stirred within her.Today is the day we speak about this issue, she thought, as she reached the precipice of the wall.

To her astonishment, the corner stood vacant. Enya's gaze intensified, probing the depths of the dim space. And she found no one.She turned around to scan the room. Looking back at the dark corner, the absence registered with an unexpected force. A wave of realization, shock, and fear crashed over her like a tidal surge. Heat rose from the depths of her stomach, spreading tendrils of unease throughout her chest. The fine hairs on her back stood at attention, attuned to the unsettling truth that emerged.There is no one there! "Has no one been here all along?" Enya murmured, her voice barely escaping her lips. "Who? Who have I been engaging with in these fervent conversations? Who has poisoned my thoughts about Hego?" A sinking sensation gripped her heart, its weight dragging her into the depths of comprehension. In that moment, the revelation pierced her consciousness. The truth struck her with unwavering clarity. It is me! she gasped as she took two steps backwards.

She had become both devil and angel, judge and jury within her own mind.