A Year Of Living Intentionally Day 10: Leaning Into What Is

Erin Roberts
June 29, 2024
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“Meet each moment fully and meet it as a friend.”

— Sylvia Boorstein —

I’m on the next stop on my North American tour as a digital nomad, spending the next couple of weeks with my parents.

Historically coming home has been challenging in many ways for me. I’ve found that I’ve regressed tremendously, reverting back to my child self and not in a good way.

But I guess all the work I’m doing has been paying off. Because this time feels different. It is different. Because I’m different. I’m leaning into what is rather than needing things to be different, needing people to be different.

And that’s led to doing things I don’t usually do, which has in turn expanded my mind to different possibilities, different ways of seeing the world.

And it’s also given me a freedom I didn’t know could exist. A peaceful, rooted, grounded existence that only lives in the now.

Erin Roberts is a climate policy researcher and a curious human whose life is dedicated to making the world a little better every day. She is the founder and global lead of the Loss and Damage Collaboration and the founder and convener of the Climate Leadership Initiative.

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