A Year Of Living Intentionally Day 9: Flowing With What Is

Erin Roberts
June 27, 2024
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“Happiness can only exist in acceptance.”

— George Orwell —

Today is a travel day. The next stop in my summer tour. Usually I get stressed out on travel days. As much as I have travelled in my life, it’s not my favourite. I don’t love flying. I don’t love all the things associated with flying. And typically I wake up the day of a flight feeling stressed out and agitated.

But today felt different. I didn’t sleep super well last night. I will admit. Maybe it had something to do with the journey today. I woke up a little later than planned. Still before 7 am and with lots of time before I had to leave for the airport.

Usually I run around doing all the things. But today felt decadent. I felt rich in time. I moved slower, knowing everything would get done. And even if it didn’t all would be well.

I tried to meet each moment as it was. Stay true to my intention to be in the now. As soon as my mind wandered to the past or the future, I knew it immediately. My body tensed up. I could feel the movement from living in my body to living in my monkey mind.

I didn’t judge it. I just noticed the change and came back to the now. That happened dozens of times probably as I went about my morning. But it wasn’t stressful. I was gentle with myself. I gave myself grace. And I also felt proud of the fact that I was spending so much time in the now, fully inhabiting my body.

The taxi came as planned. There was no traffic on the road. But even if there had been, all would have been well. I would have sat with that too. As I write this I’m at the airport waiting for my flight. Shortly I’ll go to the gate and then on with the journey. With loved ones waiting on the other end.

When I tap into the now, the love is always there waiting for me too. The love for myself, others and for the world around me feels infinite in those moments. Deep and welcoming. Like a crystal clear pool waiting for someone to swim in it. Knowing it’s always there when my mind wanders makes me feel rooted, grounded and peaceful. And perfect.

Erin Roberts is a climate policy researcher and a curious human whose life is dedicated to making the world a little better every day. She is the founder and global lead of the Loss and Damage Collaboration and the founder and convener of the Climate Leadership Initiative.

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